Excel Vlookup Tutorial from Beginner to Advance

In VLOOKUP, “V” stands for vertical and “lookup” is to search for the value. VLOOKUP makes the search for the value you want to find the column of an Excel Spreadsheet easier. When you are dealing with a huge data and it is tough to locate the value you want then it is the savior for you as it helps to find the data you want out of a huge pile of information. Now let’s see how to use this tool, where to use it and with an example.

How to Use VLOOKUP?

VLOOKUP can be used by simply typing VLOOKUP() in the cell you want your data to be present. The Parentheses is used to set the location from where the function gets its value meaning it determines from where to find the data.

VLOOKUP in the same sheets

Step-1- Select the cell you want to present your data and type “VLOOKUP()”

Step-2- Between the Parentheses type the range you want your data from.

Step-3-The range consist of Four Arguments

First Argument

The First Argument is the cell where you enter your value to search for the data. This value can be number, code or anything. For Example VLOOKUP(E5) here You have to enter the value that has to be searched by the function.

Second Argument  

Second Argumentis the range of cells that are to be searched by the function. For example- VLOOKUP(E5,A2:C30), here the function will use the range from cell A2 to Cell C30 and the value in these block cells are used to find the value that you have entered in the cellE5.

Third Argument  

Third Argumentdefines where exactly to look for the data meaning which column has to beconsidered. It is defined as a numeric format like 1, 2, 3 etc each column from left to right is represented in chronological order. For example- VLOOKUP(E5,A2:C30,2) from the cell A2 to C30 column B will be looked by the function to find the data.

Fourth Argument  

The Fourth Argument to find the exact match or partial match. This is used by stating TRUE or FALSE, TRUE= Partial Match and FALSE= Exact Match. For example- VLOOKUP(E5,A2:C30,2,FALSE) the function will find the exact match for the keyword you enter in the cell H2.

Step-4-Press Enter and formula part is done

Step-5- Enter the Data you want to find in the cell you have specified in the formula.

VLOOKUP between two different sheets

VLOOKUP function also works between two different sheets of the same excel file. This can be used by mentioning the sheet where the cell value in the second argument followed by an exclamation mark as “Sheet1!….” for example- VLOOKUP(E5,A2:Sheet1!A2:C30,2,FALSE) here the function will search for the data in the Sheet1 and in the 2 column which will be an exact match for the data inserted as the FALSE argument is used.


Excel and Its Benefits

Excel is a very powerful tool and mastering it can make your data handling and interpretation skill very good. Excel is developed by Microsoft Windows in 1985 and ever since it becomes popular among the business. This tool gives the business very power to handle the data in a very effective way. Firms can find themselves with big and bulky data files which are tough to handle but Excel helps that data to be organized.  There are a lot of benefits of using Excel in our daily tasks, the following are the benefits that Excel offers-

Benefit of Excel

You can create Charts

Charts like Pie charts, Doughnut Chart, Bar chart etc with help of Excel this make the data represented in a visual format and it becomes especially useful in Presentations and teaching classes.

You can use Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting is setting a condition in excel cell in order to give the function a value preset.

You can use VBA Macros editor

VBA Macros uses an Editor to make codes that define the function of the cells and make your cell function in a predetermined fashion.

You can make calculators

Calculators from a simple mathematical operator like 1+1 can be made and you can even make a complex calculator that can calculate your monthly EMI.

You can automate your data

Data Automation is very important because it saves time and effort. This can be done by using Excel

How Can You Learn Excel?

Excel training institute in Gurgaon such as Excel Bee will let you rectify immense of the hurdles in few minutes. Via this platform, you rest assured for coping with all sorts of troubles connected with the MS Excel application and can collect the rapid results.